Dress Code


 Please remember the following:

  • Shorts, skirts and dresses are acceptable as long as they are mid-thigh or below.
  • Wear tennis shoes everyday to ensure safety and best performance in physical activities
  • Wear shorts underneath a skirt or dress.

Do not wear:

  • Shoes without backs; such as flip flops, houseshoes, slippers, slides.
  • Spaghetti straps or very thin strap blouses.
  • Clothing with insignias; such as skulls and crossbones, gang symbols and colors.
  • Any type of athletic uniform; such as baseball or soccer uniforms.
  • Pants that hang on hipbone, frayed pants, or unhemmed pants.
  • Low-cut, see-through, or backless dress, tank top, blouse or shirt.
  • Any type of paraphernalia that suggests or promotes gang membership; such as, bandanas, chains, jewelry, baggy pants, gang writing.
  • Clothing that has any type of inappropriate advertising, pictures, or slogans.